Monday, November 14, 2011

Manfred Mayrhofer's Onomastica Persepolitana

 Manfred Mayrhofer, who died 31 October 2011, was the author of Onomastica Persepolitana.

In this video, he talks about the book.  You can read more about him at his own website.

Persepolis in Pleiades

Persepolis and Ancient Iran at ASOR

See the full program and other information on the ASOR Annual Meeting

Thursday, November 17

Archaeology of The Persian Empire: In Honor of David B. Stronach

Theme: This session is dedicated to David B. Stronach, one of the key figures of our era for the study of ancient Iran.
Sabrina Maras (University of California, Berkeley), Presiding

Introduction (5 min.)

Pierre Briant (Collège de France), “Archaeology, Iconography and Epigraphy in Achaemenid Asia Minor (2000-2011): A Fresh Look” (20 min.)

Margaret Root (University of Michigan), “Contemplations on the Pasargadae ‘Genius’” (20 min.)

Remy Boucharlat (Maison de l'Orient), “Water Courses, Pool and Aqueduct in Pasargadae” (20 min.)
12:00 Matthew W. Stolper (University of Chicago), “Recent Results from the Persepolis Fortification Archive Project” (20 min.)

Mark Garrison (Trinity University), “The Figure in the Winged Disk in Persepolitan Glyptic: Select New Evidence” (15 min.)

Thursday, November 17

 Session A22
California West
Archaeology of Iran I Theme: This session will focus on the archaeology of ancient Iran.
Ali Mousavi (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Presiding

Elspeth Dusinberre (University of Colorado), “Pasargadaeans in Ionia: A Talk in Honor of David B. Stronach” (20 min.)

Antigoni Zournatzi (National Hellenic Research Foundation), “Herodotus’ Mêdikos Logos and the Persians’ Legitimate Rule of Asia” (20 min.)

Elizabeth Carter (University of California, Los Angeles), “The Role of the Susiana Hinterlands in the Rise and Fall of the Middle Elamite Empire” (20 min.)

Jessica Nitschke (Waseda University, Tokyo), “Cross-Cultural Exchange in Iron Age Iran and the Genesis of Achaemenid Imperial Art” (20 min.)

Kim Codella (Cosumnes River College), “Achaemenid Gordion: The Deep Sounding at Gordian” (20 min.)

Friday, November 18

Session A43
California East

Archaeology of Iran II Theme: This session will focus on the archaeology of ancient Iran.

Renée Dreyfus (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco), Presiding

Introduction (5 min.)

Narges Bayani (University of Pennsylvania), Anne Bomalaski (University of Pennsylvania), David Massey (Ohio State University), and Christopher Thornton (University of Pennsylvania) “Tepe Hissar IIIC: A View from Treasure Hill” (25 min.)

Evan Carlson (University of California, Los Angeles) “Al-Untash-Napirisha (Choga Zanbil) as a Disembedded Capital in its Global Context” (25 min.)

Jack Green (University of Chicago) “Between East and West: Persian Period Burial Customs in the Jordan Valley” (25 min.)

Parisa A. Moghadam (State University of New York, Buffalo) “Intercultural Exchanges in Sassanian Eastern Territories and Central Asia” (25 min.)

Persepolis in Pleiades