Monday, July 06, 2009

ARTA 2009.001-00: Tang-e Bulagh

ARTA 2009.001-006

This series of notes and articles summarises the results of the rescue excavations (2005-2007) conducted at the occasion of the construction of a dam in the Bolaghi valley, which opens about 2km south of the tomb of Cyrus at Pasargadae. Only the results pertaining to the Achaemenid and Post-Achaemenid periods are presented here: full excavation reports will be published in separate volumes edited by the respective joint missions between Iran and Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Poland.

Hasan Fazeli Nashli, "The Achaemenid/Post Achaemenid Remains in Tang-i Bulaghi near Pasargadae: A Report on the Salvage excavations conducted by five joint teams in 2004-2007" (ARTA 2009.001)

Takuro Adachi, Mohsen Zeidi, "Achaemenid and post-Achaemenid Remains from TB 75 and the General Survey of the Tang-i Bulaghi" (ARTA 2009.002)

Ali Asadi, Barbara Kaim, "The Achaemenid building at site 64 in Tang-e Bulaghi" (ARTA 2009.003)

Alireza Askari Chaverdi, Pierfrancesco Callieri, "Achaemenid and Post-Achaemenid Remains at TB 76 and TB 77" (ARTA 2009.004)

Mohammad T. Atai, Rémy Boucharlat, "An Achaemenid pavilion and other remains in Tang-i Bulaghi" (ARTA 2009.005)

Barbara Helwing, Mojgan Seyedin, "The Achaemenid period occupation at Tang-i Bulaghi site 73" (ARTA 2009.006)