Sunday, December 06, 2009

Audio: Four lectures on Persepolis Glyptic by Mark Garrison

Invited lectures at the Collège de France

Mark Garrison
Professeur à l’Université de San Antonio (USA) :
New Light on Persepolis : The Glyptic Imagery from the Persepolis Fortification and Treasury Archives

  1. Seals and archives at Persepolis: an introduction
  2. Glyptic Imagery as Social Identity: The Seals of Zi awi
  3. The Religious Landscape at Persepolis: New Glyptic Evidence for the So-Called "Fire Altars"
  4. Glyptic Imagery and Ideology: The Emergence of a Visual Language of Empire at Persepolis

Ces leçons auront lieu le mercredi 4 novembre et les jeudis 12, 19, 26 novembre 2009, à 11 heures.

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