Thursday, April 03, 2008

Abdol Majid Arfa'i: PT 10a, Collated and Completed

Tell Baratkama, the treasurer, Tarkawiš says: “28 karša, 61⁄2 shekels of silver, is to be issued to plasterers(?) whose apportionments are set by Ramazitra. Sheep/goats and wine are its (the silver’s) counterpart. [They made] … at(?) Hiyamazika(?) from month x to [month y]. [… …] [14 men, x shekel and y] liulith each is to go to them, 9 men, 1 shekel and 1 liulith each is to go to them. 9 men, 1 shekel each is to go to them. Total 32 men. Pidapirma and his companion(s) made the accounting(?) of that silver.”

ARTA: Achaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology, 2008:1